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  • Shareware, Trialware and Demo: Try before you buy software. Typically includes a 30 day trial period, so there's no money up front and no risk.
  • Freeware: Software that is completely free to use, however in most cases, the software is unsupported by the developer/publisher.
  • Beta: Software that is in its initial testing stages, giving access to all the newest features and allowing you to help shape the final product. It is typically free to use during the test period, but can have bugs and may be unsupported.

Newest Reviews

Cisco Configuration Professional (Satpal)

It is very useful and educational.
Published: Jan 30, 2015

ST-RISK (Torikul)

I liked it, help me to assess the seismic risk of a building.
Published: Jan 29, 2015

Statistix (Farhad)

Very good program, analyze data very well.
Published: Jan 25, 2015

Lotto Pro 2014 (Richard Drane)

Have not been able to update my system since 122714. nothing has changed on my system. I think its a software problem.
Published: Jan 24, 2015

LTCDA (Chateau)

This logiciel is very good for a cyberspace.
Published: Jan 22, 2015

Spot on the Mouse (Joseph)

It makes your computer to look good.
Published: Jan 21, 2015

Cad2Cad Solution Box (Marcello Ramos)

I need to understand how to operate this software. Didn't find any helpful info yet.
Published: Jan 20, 2015

Teradata SQL Assistant Java Edition (Nicolas Guzman)

Very good, helped me to validate tables.
Published: Jan 19, 2015

Photo Collage Creator (Madhuri)

Good to use. This is somehow useful Can improve more.
Published: Jan 18, 2015

SPJTerm (Sachin Raut)

Very good and useful for technical education.
Published: Jan 17, 2015

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Chick Video Cutter (Free)

913 3014

Realtek AC 97 Audio Driver for Windows 7

347 21750

Video Booth

268 503

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

268 326

TuneChef Plus

261 389

WinX HD Video Converter for Mac

257 313

TuneChef Pro

257 289

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe for PC

255 284


251 264

Xbox One Emulator

216 759


207 349

Image Cut (Image Splitter)

185 3132

XBOX One ScreenSaver

184 202


161 10933

MKV2X for Mac

161 182

Newest Software

SPC Keeper  v.2.01

SPC Keeper is a simple, affordable data repository for all types of attribute data from the factory floor. It is easily configured for part based data collection. Validate data against control limits and spec limits with real-time control charts.

Attachment Save for Exchange  v.1.7

Attachment Save for Exchange is a solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 designed for automatic processing of emails and attached files.

WMIX  v.3.01.01

WMIX is a FREE GUI based implementation of WMI technology which performs agent-less remote administration of Windows machines with no scripting or programming necessary. Empower yourself with advanced remote client management techniques with WMIX.

Magic Word Recovery  v.2.0

Recover Microsoft Word, OpenOffice and RTF documents! Magic Word Recovery uses a highly sophisticated data recovery engine that guarantees recovery from deleted partitions, formatted disks, inaccessible hard drives and unreadable memory cards.

SBS FMEA Database  v.1.01

The FMEA Database is simple, inexpensive, ISO 9001 compliant software that manages Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA).

PureVPN Windows VPN Software  v.4.1.1

Windows VPN software ensures your online privacy, security and anonymity against cyber criminals, data snoopers and other monitoring authorities at Wi-Fi hotspots, shared network and personal connection.

Acronis True Image 2015 for PC and Mac  v.1.1

Backup and recovery software that protects up to 3 computers - either Mac or PC. It supports cloud storage, brings faster disk imaging technologies, data migration and the ability to backup virtual machines. Data protection has never been so easy.

SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete  v.5.14

Recover deleted images and RAW files from your digital camera. SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete locates and recovers digital pictures that were accidentally deleted from your digital camera, memory card or hard drive easily and automatically.

ImageConverter Plus  v.9.0.755

Image Converter Plus is the quick and easy way to convert your image files into the formats that you need them to be. This software tool offers a unique blend of features that are strong enough for professionals, but simple enough for anyone to use.

Full Customize Address Book  v.3.6

Design contact management software as per your requirement. In our contact management software you can store contact details fast and easily. You can print envelope conver, label, address list and cheque(Demo). Here you can send email and SMS(Demo)

Foldout  v.1.0

The single-pane outliner that Windows users have been searching for for years, free! Extensive keyboard commands make outlining a fast-paced and smooth experience.

SQL Fragmentation Analyzer  v.1.0.1116

An easy to view graphical representation of fragmentation levels across your SQL Servers shows index type, fragmentation percentages, size and fill-factor so users can spot immediately what given area needs attention.

Spartan Portable Lite Multi Clipboard  v.11.01

Have you ever needed information on one computer that you have on another? Forget transferring files. Spartan is a multi clipboard that runs entirely from a plug in flash drive. Plug into one PC and copy. Plug into another and paste. Its that easy.

Efficient Calendar Network  v.

Efficient Calendar Network is designed for SME to share data. Begin to use Efficient Calendar Network now to let different users in organization can access the same copy of data, to work in conjunction and improve work efficiency!

Batch & Print Enterprise  v.8.00

Batch & Print Pro is for batch printing documents from a retainable list which can be automatically printed in document sequence of your choice.

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